Finish a knitting project, start three – that’s normal, right?

Note of warning – no photography class can make taking pictures of your own feet easy. I think you’d have to be a contortionist to get it right, so we’ll just have to make do with what I have.

The red Serpentine socks (pattern by Wendy Johnson, Rav link) are finished:

Red Serpentine Socks - String Theory yarns

I do love this pattern – these are the second socks I’ve knit using it. I have to say that my heels are getting better and better too:

Red Serpentine Socks - String Theory yarns

This time, however, I did reinforce the heels with reinforcing thread. We’ll see if they blow out as quickly once it gets warmer and I start wearing them.

So of course, now that a project is finished, I had to start some other projects right? Nodding is appropriate here. My guy was working late, so I went into my lovely craft room and dug around in the projects that are bagged up and the patterns I have stacked up and the yarn that is stashed and chose a few.

I need a pair of socks in progress for the upcoming Sock Summit, so I wound up the Spud and Chloe fine sock yarn and chose the Bridal Sock pattern from the latest One Skein Wonders book.

Lace Clock Socks in Spud and Chloe Fine Sock Yarn

I’m going to learn arch shaping with these socks!

Next, I discovered I had one skein (shame on me, breaks the rules) of this Caper sock yarn from String Theory yarns. I cannot say enough good things about this yarn. It’s simply a pleasure to work with – doesn’t split, feels amazing in your hands as you knit, and such lovely color depth! So, I’ve been wanting to knit another cowl, and I don’t have one to go with my blue jackets. I chose the Silk Fountain Hood by Beth Hood in the Luxury Yarn One Skein Wonders book.

Silk Fountain Hood in String Theory Caper

This will be lovely with my jean jacket in the Fall.

Of course, because I had this skein leftover from my wavy scarf in not-quite-the-same-color, I need to knit up some almost-matching fingerless gloves. I chose the pattern called Knotty because I’ve never knit a cabled pattern this intense and it’s always nice to start out small.

Knotty gloves in String Theory

Whew! Now, I also need to start on the rest of my Sock Summit homework, so I think it will be a busy weekend!

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