Re-use of the aspen tree

As the craft room has developed, I wanted a nice place to hang all my knitting bags, so they would be off the floor but easy to grab on my way out the door.

Originally, I contemplated getting one of those sturdy, standing coat racks, but remember when we had a professional tree guy take down the dead aspen tree? As I was looking at those logs, I decided on another option.

Here is the inspirational piece:

Aspen log

I took that long chunk of tree to a hand-made furniture specialist here in town and asked them cut it lengthwise to get a nice long log with a flat back side. For the sake of detail, this cost me $48 and about a week’s wait because they were super busy at the time with things far more important that slicing a woman’s aspen log.

While I was waiting, I ordered some 2-inch hand crafted wrought iron hooks from an artist in Winchester, Virginia who has a shop on Etsy. I would link to his shop, but I can’t find his card anymore.

With all those pieces together, my guy hooked the log to the wall and placed the hooks along the log.

Hanging the aspen log

With the hooks on it, I could hang my bags on the hooks:

Aspen log with hooks

… and I could put everything back into its spot.

Aspen log with hooks

Now THAT’S a knitting room – finally!

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