Trying to squeeze in Sock Summit homework time

In between all the friggin’ work I’m trying to get done, I’m also trying to squeeze in homework time (wait until I show you what Mr. Man is working on – good grief!).

Homework for what you ask? Why, for the Sock Summit, of course.

Sock Summit 2009 lanyard and badge

Do you think I’ll need this from the 2009 Sock Summit?

Laugh all you want (go ahead, I know you want to), but this is bar none the coolest knitting event ever. Best teachers, awesome staff, friendly folks and this year, their gonna shear a sheep and spin the wool and knit socks all in a weekend!

Of course, there’s printing notes and train info, and directions to do:

Sock Summit 2011 preparation

Yes, it’s clipped and printed and labeled and organized. Hush, I’m a type A and you are welcome to do it your way. I’ll do it mine.

Then, there must be ‘socks in progress’ for several classes.

Sock Summit 2011 homework

This is my first time working with the Spud and Chloe yarn and I think I like it. Basic ribbed sock so I can focus on learning arch shaping. This is gonna be so cool!

Of course, I need light-colored yarn wound up and ready for another class too:

Sock Summit 2011 homework

Ack! Still so much to do and so little time and only one week left! There may be some insane crazy knitting on the plane. Please, if you are one your way to Portland from Colorado on the same plane as I am, be kind. I’m the kind of student that always does their homework before class and I’m not ready yet!

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