Clue 1: Carpet does not belong in a bathroom

Whoever did this to our house … oh heck, who am I kidding? I know who did it. The guy who owned the house before us and boy do we have stories about the things we’ve found in this house. Clothing stuffed into heating vents, dryer vents that emit into the garage, lighting installed by drunks. I swear.

So, the master bathroom has always had carpet and carpet is nice under your feet when it’s cold in the winter, but it’s not a very good idea in the bathroom. Then, there was also an ugly, ugly vanity that looked like it has been stolen from a lousy apartment topped by a mirror – huge, flat plate of mirror glued to the wall. Yech!

Mr. Man bought this vanity online months ago:

New bathroom vanity

It’s nice, looks like a piece of furniture and hey, it’s not black like the old vanity. It’s also been sitting in our bedroom since February 14th because on that day, I hired some movers to carry it up the stairs. You see, this vanity is so heavy I can’t even lift a corner and I work out! Those guys were big and muscular and moving things is their every day job. They struggled badly with this vanity – veins popping, grunts and groans, you name it. Awful. But, they got it up the stairs. It was my Valentines’ present to him because to be honest, I couldn’t help him with it and it was looking pretty stupid in the front hallway.

So, it’s lived right around the corner from where it will finally be installed for months now. Don’t ask me how we’ll get it around the corner when it’s time. Mr. Man thinks that I’ll suddenly be able to lift my end and I’m thinking about paying another $80 bucks to have it hauled around the corner or calling the neighbors and handing them beers afterward. We’ll see.

For now, it’s all about renovating the bathroom, and that means tearing out the old vanity:

Removing old bathroom vanity

Yep, we put it on the back porch. I’ll figure out who to call to take it away soon. Note the position of the sink bowl in that old vanity top? More on that soon.

Then, he removed the nasty carpet:

Remove the bathroom carpet

Wow, look at the wood underneath! Is that gross or weird or what?

Remove the bathroom carpet

Next, there was moving the pipes underneath to line up with a sink positioned in the center rather stuck on one end:

Changing the pipes

This is where I get useful for a bit of time. My job was to scream loudly if there was any spraying of water after he turned the flow back on. Yes, I offered to turn the water on, but get this: He said I wouldn’t hear him if he yelled, but he was sure he could hear me if I did. Hrmph … I’ll have to think on that.

Testing the pipes

There was no screaming of course because my guy is a genius at home repair. He does his homework and plows through it step by step. I rush when called and do what I can to hand him tools or carry things, but it’s really all him. Of course, I spent the entire weekend writing and cleaning house and cooking too, so I guess it works out in the end.

For now, we’re in the guest bathroom and awaiting the arrival of ceramic tile. More to follow soon. Stay tuned.

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