Pre-Sock Summit

Guess who else is here at the Portland Convention Center? O’Reilly’s Open Source Convention – OSCON! I just might see some of the guys I used to work with in the cubicle world.

Sock Summit shares the convention center with OSCON

Just think about it … software engineers and knitters in the same space. This is gonna be fun.

So, I checked in (dodging the long-haired software dudes) and picked up my registration stuff:

sock summit registration 2011

Now, I’m doing just a little work from my tiny remote workstation:

working remotely

I’m staying at a lovely studio apartment in Multnomah Village and I’m about to put in a movie.  I’m hoping the owner’s kitty will come by because I miss my Emily. I had an awful time getting here. While the transit system is great, I was told to get off at 6th and Washington and I didn’t understand that there is no stop called that – you kinda have to know the area and I don’t. Lesson learned: you really need a smartphone when you are no longer paying for four phones and you should look up the map before you go.  This is why my guy loves his maps, I think.



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