Portland is beautiful in the Summer

I’ve never visited Portland in the winter, but I have to say it is lovely in the summer – simply lovely. The weather is cool in the mornings and evenings, and there is a cool mist some mornings. The birds outside my door are having early-morning chats and singing songs. The forests are dense here and you can smell water everywhere.

After my class at Sock Summit yesterday morning, I had a little lunch and put myself on the train to visit The Grotto – a beautiful meditation garden high on the hill above Portland.  I was glad I put it on the list because it’s an amazingly peaceful and beautiful place.

This is St. Philip Benizi, who chose to avoid the papal throne in favor of a life as a hermit in the mountains of Montagnata, Italy.

St. Philip Benizi retreat at The Grotto

In every place I visit, I find a lovely landmark that speaks to me of that city. Such is the Garden of the Gods back home, but if I lived in Portland, this would be my retreat.

Lady of Lourdes at The Grotto

This is, of course, St. Francis:

St. Francis at The Grotto

This will give you an idea how dense the forest is everywhere. Of course these grounds are very well kept. There are over 60 acres to this landmark, and it includes several chapels and a meditation labyrinth.

I took many more pictures, but don’t have the time right now to post them all.

After that, it was back on the bus and train to return to the convention center for the opening of the Marketplace.

Sock Summit marketplace opening 2011

I didn’t purchase tons of yarn, but I’ll show you what I bought later. Must run for breakfast and to class!

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