Sock Summit 2011 Wrap-up (playing in Portland)

The last day of my trip to Portland, I stayed away from the Sock Summit (so I missed the flash mob), and took a boat trip up the Williamette instead. I also visited Saturday Market and had a lot of fun knitting and resting in my room. After a 13-hour hike plus climbing the week before, these past 3 days of walking miles and miles (many miles because I cannot seem to read a map well).

I took an Arch-Shaping class and my socks are coming along nicely.

Arch shaping class at Sock Summit 2011

I took a Faux Cables class and ripped all the work out … these were Estonian lace stitches and while I honor their history and uniqueness, they are unnecessarily complicated and I can’t see using them. I will take the handout to my knitting club and see if they find them interesting and want to take the class next time.

I also took Sivia Harding’s baby bootie class, and will be working on some heirloom baby booties for a good friend who’s popping out twin girls soon.

What did I love about the Portland – Multnomah area? Community gardens:

Multnomah Community Garden

Lush flowers and dense forest everywhere (must be all that rain):

ortland flowers

Plenty of knitting time:

Knitting in Portland

A boat trip down the Williamette on a sunny day with a glass of wine and more knitting time!

Portland Spirit

Of course, it’s good to be home too. I haven’t slept well on this trip and I’m worn out. I brought home a catnip treat for Emily girl (who looks like a wild thing in this picture!):

Emily with a catnip body pillow

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