Another magical all-girls getway

I’ve blogged before on how important it is to have these kinds of weekends. Spending time with our friends is crucial and in this day and age, it’s difficult to get scheduled.

Well, last weekend, I was lucky enough to get another magical all girl getaway.

One of my knitting buddies has a family home way out in the mountains of Colorado, and so six of us piled into two vehicles and traveled out there for a weekend of site-seeing and knitting.

Our group:

magical all girl getaways

Our view:

Colorado all-girl getaway


And another view:

Colorado all-girl getaways

To do our part for the local economy, we visited Serendipity Yarns in Buena Vista, which is hands down our favorite local yarn store.

Serendipity Yarn & Gifts

We saw the rushing water (is it a creek, is it a river, we forgot to check) in Buena Vista:

Buena Vista, Colorado

We visited the reportedly haunted ghost town of St. Elmo:

St Elmo Colorado ghost town

You’ll notice lace curtains and flowers in this building’s windows:


St Elmo Colorado ghost town


You can buy chipmunk food and feed these little devils (we didn’t):

St Elmo Colorado ghost town

We saw afternoon rainbows:

Colorado rainbow

We had an excellent time. I highly recommend working through the difficulty of scheduling a weekend like this. You get to know your girlfriends much better!

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