Max gets heated up and cooled down

So, today my daughter took Max to the vet to have his claws trimmed. Yes, one would wonder why I/we don’t do it ourselves, but Max doesn’t take it well. He growls, fights us, scratches, spits, and everything else he can do. It’s a total war and so we take him to the vet and pay $12 every couple of months instead.

Except today it was near 90 degrees and she had to race back because he was panting in the heat in his little box.

When she got back, we decided that decisive action was the only way to go. That involved putting ice in his water fountain (yeah, they are THAT spoiled – filtered running water at all times, no effort required) and rubbing him down with a very cold damp towel.

The funny thing is he liked the wet towel.

Max gets cooled off

His tail kept swishing and he kept walking …

Max gets cooled off

But, he kept the towel on:

Max gets cooled off

We got him to turn around:

Max gets cooled off

He kept that silly towel on for awhile, but he finally cooled down and stopped panting. Poor guy.

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