For all my root-beer-loving friends, and you know who you are

I ran across a recipe for a Root Beer Bundt Cake in the July/August 2011 edition of Food Network Magazine that I just had to try.

Claudia's Root Beer Bundt Cake

Now, because I can’t leave a good recipe alone and because I’m not a fan of allspice, I used cloves, almond extract, and cinnamon instead of the allspice. This is one heavenly cake my friends!

Claudia's Root Beer Bundt Cake

The root beer you pour over the cooked cake gives it just the right flavor. No, I didn’t put the frosting drizzle over it. I’m not a fan of icing.

Did I just alienate a bunch of you?

Well, I’m not. I like my cake as cake, not some cake under three inches of fluffy sugar stuff. I like the cake. I think there are cake people and frosting people, don’t you? I’m a cake person. I think Mr. Man might be a frosting person although he’s not one to turn down a piece of good ol’ cake either.

Seriously, what can be better than hot chocolate cake? No, I’m not talking about ‘hot chocolate cake’ as in cake that tastes like hot chocolate, (although now that I think about it, that might not be bad either). I’m talking about chocolate cake that’s slightly cooled but still pretty warm. Yum!

Try the recipe with your favorite root beer sometime!

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