Make it stop!

Good grief, last week I was crazy busy again with work and had a ton of get-togethers and get-aways that all combined to make a complete nut case out of me.

Let’s start with the renovations … which seem never to end. As our master bath room gets new tile, vanity, gorgeous tile back splash and mirror, this is what it looked like somewhere last week.

diy master bathroom renovation

An up-close on that backsplash:

diy master bathroom renovation

Then, there’s the pond work. Here’s the before:

pond renovation


pond renovation

pond renovation

pond renovation

And voila!

pond renovation

It’s lovely, isn’t it? Let me deconstruct what we’re doing here:

pond renovation

The big rock is intended as a drinking platform. Why? Because the deer, bears, raccoons, foxes, coyotes, bobcats and everyone else drinks right where that rock is positioned and they always knock loose rocks into the pond, which creates tons of work for us and it looks like a mess.

Don’t believe me? Let me show you the mug shots of the latest culprits:

deer at the pond

bears at the pond

bobcat at the pons

Now, they have a drinking platform.

Underneath are hidden fish caves – a place for future fishies to hide when the bears and blue herons and raccoon stop by for a snack.

blue heron

Sometimes, I stop and think about all the lucky people who get to just put in a pond, then sit back and enjoy the heck out of it. Not us, we have to bear- and blue heron-proof the damn thing.

All of the guys from Bearclaw Landscaping – the folks who did this work – got on that rock and jumped up and down to be sure it was stable and as bear-proof as possible. No, I didn’t have my camera handy (sorry). We’ve jumped on it as well. We hope this works.

As of today, no creatures have visited it yet, but it’s noisy and new and different, so it may just take a little time. We do have fresh tracks on the deck, however:

raccoon tracks

It’s just a matter of time.

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