Ever notice how kids are kind of sticky?

My precious niece and nephew visited over the weekend. Their dad is HIGHLY allergic to cats, and that creates a little bit of a problem. So, we’ve worked it out that the parents go away and have some quiet couple time and the kids stay with me. Of course, the kids are also pretty damn allergic, but they love the kitties and they love me and Mr. Man, so we work it out.

First, the cats hide. Because they are complete cowards and used to things all to themselves.

Next, we make scones for breakfast. I get the scone mixes from King Arthur Flour in all their fantastic flavors and we choose the night before and make scones in our PJs because they and I get up early naturally and Mr. Man works super early every day of the week and likes to sleep in on the weekend.

Not sure what happened this weekend, but the scones ended up looking like this (these are the French Toast scones by the way):

scones for breakfast - with whipped cream?

Yep, you guessed it, that’s the foamy whipped cream out of the spray can on a perfectly delicious scone with plenty of butter fat all on its own. Somewhere the evening before, those two talked us into ice cream and sprinkles and whipped cream and since that last bit was BOGO, we ended up with two. There were sundaes last night … I saw them.

To my credit, the complete breakfast involved tea and sliced cantaloupe with the scones – the whipped cream was a kid thing and not really my fault.

scones for breakfast - with whipped cream?

I think this is why kids are always kind of sticky. They can’t help it. They gravitate toward this stuff, and it crumbles on the floor, and gets on their fingers and in their hair.

One of my daughters came by to spend time with everyone and as I was hugging her good-bye, I told her she had stuff on her nose. She hadn’t even eaten anything! I swear, just hanging out with them or hugging them makes you sticky too.

These are the things you conveniently forget when you have an empty nest.

When they kids leave, the kitties come back out and relax.

cats relaxed

We’re all pooped!

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