Weeping with exhaustion … and it’s just Monday!

I swear, I haven’t been so overworked since the girls were little and decided to get chicken pox right after each other only minutes after I started a really good job. After 3 weeks of naked kids and oatmeal baths and no sleep whatsoever, I was so lucky my boss didn’t fire me.

These days, I love the work but it just keeps coming. I am, however, once again enchanted and thrilled by our Colorado summertime. Every afternoon, we get a lovely rain shower (complete with thrilling thunder and lightning) that cools things off in the evenings and helps us sleep well. Some of this rainstorms bring quite a lot of welcome rainwater.

Colorado summer rain storms

What more could a girl working from home ask for?

Oh, right. Happy kitties.

cats relaxed

That always helps – especially when they let me work!

Other than that, what’s new? My color Nook!

Nook Color with knitting

Yeah, I’m not what you would call an ‘early adopter’. I resisted this for a long time. I like the feel of books. I like how they smell when they’re new and so fresh and inviting. I like them old too – especially the ones you get from the library where you discover little notes left behind in the pages. How special is that?

I like them on my bookcases. Many of them are old friends with scars like me. They have scribbles in the margins and dog ears and scratches on the covers. I’ll turn to them when I want to remember how one author described a particular scene or memory that stuck with me.

  • When the libraries got into the game, that made the Nook more appealing. I don’t always want to buy my books, but I cannot stop reading them.
  • When I realized I could knit while reading without having to stop knitting to fumblingly turn the page, that made the Nook more appealing.
  • When I realized I could still leave highlights and notes in the book and get a list of those highlights, that made it more appealing.
  • When I realized I could read the book on the elliptical trainer much more easily, that was appealing.
  • When I realized I could have a bunch of books – even my knitting books! – in the one device, that was appealing.

My first e-book purchase was the Frommer’s Guide to New Orleans because we’re planning a trip there soon (my birthday present!). I’ve wanted to go there forever, when I read Ann Rice’s vampire books, I really wanted to visit.  After the hurricane, however, I was too horrified by our nation’s inability to save so many people and too sad to visit.  These days, I hear things are recovering and locals are asking for visitors to return. So, we’re going.

I’m a little disappointed in this Frommer’s Guide though. The maps are not readable – the print is too small – and they’re not expandable.  I would have expected more from Frommer’s as we’ve relied on their travel guides for every trip we’ve taken. Perhaps I should have looked into other guides? I’m still learning.

Now, I’ve got to stop reading the Frommer’s guide to New Orleans because I can’t stop being hungry!

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