So, I heard a loud noise in the back

So, I was working this afternoon and heard some banging and clomping out back. This isn’t unusual, but I almost always go investigate if only to save my flowers. I saw nothing on my own deck, so I headed out to investigate further and saw this!

Deer on neighbor's deck

Please ignore the brown patch in our lawn and focus on the neighbor’s deck. See the antlers?

Let’s focus in.


See him now? He’s looking right at me and ignoring the bush he was trying to shred.

Looking right at me

After that, he turned and clomped across the deck – right past their grill – and hopped over the edge.


He spent some time trying to figure out if he could climb those stairs. Not sure what he would have done at the little dog fence at the top, but I’m glad he didn’t climb up there.

It’s a jungle out there folks!

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