Finally, a long weekend arrives and our first visitor to the new pond

Finally, a long weekend arrives. Last night, we had our first visitor to the pond. He headed straight for the big drinking rock platform, stepped on it (as I was running for the camera) and then backed away. He thought about it and decided to go in at another angle.

Deer at the pond

He drank and drank

Deer at the pond

Still, I kept coaching him from the kitchen, “go to the rock, go to the rock!” It didn’t work.

Still, the rock will be the best fish caves ever. I’m certain of it. I guess we’ll just have to wait to see what the bears do with the rock.

Max, however, is all ready for a long weekend. It’s supposed to cool down here (not that it’s been bad at all).

Maxi-boy all ready for the weekend

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