Geez, I finally finished some socks!

I swear, this has been the busiest summer since I was taking two summer graduate classes, my youngest was in advanced summer high school math, and my eldest was away at the Colorado School of Mines. Oh, and I was working multiple jobs!

This summer, I’ve been crazy busy with my writing and video work and simply haven’t had much time to knit. I started these socks prior to the Sock Summit (which is where I think I did all my summer knitting!), to be prepared for my Arch Shaping class.

Sock Summit 2011 homework

I took the class and shaped my arches as neatly as I could, then turned the heel and worked up the leg. You can see the arch shaping along the bottom of the foot.

Shaped arches

I’ve been anxiously awaiting these socks because I wanted to see if the arch-shaping works, and by golly – it does! It pulls the sock up close against my foot and even adds a little cushion. I think I have the highest arches in the world and I’m always sticking those Dr. Scholl’s liners in my shoes, but these socks feel great.

I wanted some of the yarn leftover for some fingerless mitts, since I lost my last fingerless gloves in Sweden.

Last night, I cast them off!

First socks with Spud and Chloe yarn

As you can see, these were made from the new Spud and Chloe yarn, and I have to say I like the stuff. It’s very sturdy and knits up nicely. I’ll have to order some more soon.

Now, I would say it’s time to dig in the stash and figure out my next project, but I turn my head and see them in the other room, lined up, lonely in their little bags. I have plenty started already. How about I do something different and start on a finishing rampage instead of going the other way? We’ll see next week.

Hope you had a lovely Labor Day weekend folks!

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