How do you know fall is on its way?

A cold front blew in over the weekend and has chilled everything down quite a bit. This makes for lovely sleeping weather (if you don’t have a super-size cat trying to tell you his life’s story all night long, which I do). The night after our Crestone Needle climb, the weather moved in and pattered a nice long rain on our tent. When we awoke, we were pretty darned cold and had to pull on all the layers we had.

At home, it was chilly too and we kept long-sleeved shirts on. Yes, it’s just the beginning of September and we only warmed up in early July, but summer is short here in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains – very short. We’ll usually have a long-ish Indian Summer with some weeks of heat a huge red moon soon, but this is essentially the end of summer. We saw aspens that had started changing their leaves in the mountain already this weekend.

This morning, we heard a bunch of birds squawking in the back, so we went to look. There were at least 50 birds taking turns taking baths in the pond, drinking, and working on our freshly filled bird feeder (the one way up in the tree).

attack of the migrating birds

We believe they are migrating because these are not familiar birds. They must have felt like they’d hit the jackpot on their migration because you would not believe the noise!

migrating birds

After their baths, they toured all around the lawn, picking up and eating things. About an hour and a half later, they were gone.

Another way you can tell Fall is on its way:

Emily knows fall is coming

A warm, purring snuggly lying across my lap as I work.

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