Follow up to our Crestone Needle Climb

I promised you all some photos to show the elevation and the exposure on this climb, which we did last week. Mom, just remember that Stephen is there and I’m as safe as I can be.

This area wasn’t particularly dangerous, but it gives you an idea of the depth of the valley behind us.

Crestone Needle Climb - September 2011

And another one:

Crestone Needle Climb - September 2011


This is one where you can see the exposure and angle we’re climbing.


Crestone Needle Climb September 2011


And more to show the exposure and angle:

Crestone Needle


Here I am about to finish the final pitch:

final pitch on Crestone needle


All these photos are courtesy of Mr Man’s camera. In this one, he handed it to another hiker who took photos of us going along the ridge before we start back down.

Crestone Needle climb

… and one more on the way down:

Crestone Needle climb

Here, we are almost down and you can see the Needle behind us:

Crestone Needle climb

Here is that brutal beast of a mountain looking all innocent and gorgeous:

Crestone Needle

Just for good measure, a little ‘extreme knitting’ back at the campsite.

Extreme knitting

Upon review, I think I’d like to do that one again. I felt very rushed – my own fault – on this hike and I didn’t stop, look around, and enjoy the experience the way I should have. I think this one might garner a do-over, but we’ll see.

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