The horrors of 14’ers way back when

Last weekend, I had a bit of time to spend and I took this book out on the back patio.

14'ers way back when

Stephen borrowed this from work – it’s a coffee table book they have and we were curious. When we saw some of the pictures, however, we were horrified. Take a look at this one.

14'ers way back when

Do you see anyone carrying water? Can you imagine climbing in a long skirt? I know we’re spoiled with all the high-tech climbing gear available these days, but none of these people are carrying water.

How about this one:

14'ers way back when

Good lord. I’ve done Long’s peak and I remember this portion, but no one looks safe here – check out that exposure!

Now look at this one:

14'ers way back when

It can’t be fun to carry your jacket (see the second guy in the line) all the way to the top. It just can’t be. If you can see it, one guy way back near the end of the line seems to have a backpack of sorts. I wonder if these folks climbed with a designated sherpa? We know they climbed with guides and only with guides – the book said so.

If you look closely (and these photos of photos in a book probably don’t let you), there are a few women in these groups too.

Well, that was a fun afternoon thinking about how lucky I am to have a water bladder in my pack, stuffable coats, and I don’t need a sherpa, but come to think of it, that might be nice. Wonder where I can hire one?

While I was pondering that, these guys came by to check out what I was doing.

Deer in the backyard

It’s a fun day in Colorado folks.

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