What a cat looks like in infrared

My guy just got a new toy – an infrared camera. He’s concerned about a water spot on our ceiling and he’s brilliant, so he figured out buying this type of camera will protect us from ever buying a house with a leaking roof or odd wiring (and wow, this place was wired by drunk people!) and other dangers.

Of course, the first thing we do is take pictures of the cats.

This is Max looking right at you in infrared.

Max in infrared

This is his heat print when he moves from the carpet where he was sitting:

Max's infrared butt print

That’s the heat left behind by his behind and tail and front paws. This camera is amazing. When I walked across the carpet, you could see my footprints too!

This is Emily (on the left) and Maxi-boy (on the right) looking at us by the sliding glass door.

Cat heat in infrared

And this is what the left behind when we coaxed them both to move.

Cats in infrared

As you can see, my dainty Emily doesn’t put out the wattage that her big-butt brother does.

Now, of course, we’ll go on to more important matters, like figuring out where we’re losing heat in this house. By the way, the new windows we put in are not leaking at all!

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