A tourist in my own town – this time Molly Brown house and Miramont Castle

When guests visit, there are a few things we love to do. Garden of the Gods, great food, and something new we haven’t done before. You see, we hold the touristy things for when people visit so we can experience them fresh with an outsider’s perspective.

This weekend, my lovely mother-in-law visited and we went to the Molly Brown museum in Denver.

Molly Brown house in Denver, Colorado

Pictures weren’t allowed inside the house for dubious reasons (I’m suspecting it’s about making money on the photo cards and books), so all I’ve got is the outside of the house to share with you. There were a few lions outside, and doesn’t this one look sleepy and sad?

Lions outside Molly Brown house

Lots of pretty flowers.

Flowers outside Molly Brown house

In the afternoon before dinner, we sat on the back porch and enjoyed the local entertainment.

Wildlife Colorado

The next day, we saw the Miramont Castle in Manitou Springs, where they DO let you take pictures inside the house.

The kitchen:

Miramont castle kitchen

the chapel:

Miramont castle chapel

the views:

Miramont castle views

the clothing:

Miramont castle clothing

I found this picture particularly delightful and a little haunting:

Haunting picture

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