How to get a cat to leave you alone

Max is a needy guy and I work at home, so this presents something of a difficulty. He wants to be petted and loved and played with and I need to get work done.

He has a bag of tricks that includes, whining and circling my chair. Then, he tries clawing my tush or my chair. Then, he raised the ante by jumping up on the desk and knocking objects off onto the floor.

I have a bag of tricks that includes, reaching down and rubbing whatever I can reach (here, he typically flattens out along the floor so I have to reach farther or get up). Then, I try talking back with him and tossing one of the toys within reach. Then, I’ll get up and rub him all over quickly so he’s distracted by putting his fur back into place.

When all else fails and he’s driving me nuts, I squirt him with this.

Max's squirter

Go ahead, judge all you want, but it’s just water and it does send him to another area of the house and I can get a little work done. After all, I’ve already gone through my arsenal of tricks and toys and I just need peace and quiet.

Luckily, today it worked … he headed to a warm sunny spot for a nap.

Max in the sun

Aaawww! So cute, don’t you want to wake him up? Please don’t. This is the quietest he’s been for days.

This one, of course, is always perfectly behaved.

Emily in the sun

Such cute paw floof!

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