Why oh why is there no guarantee on high-speed internet service?

I could use one. Yesterday, all services were down and that means I was down. No connection. Nothing. All my documents live in the cloud, so I was flat-out stuck.

I called, they said it would be up in no time.

Called again, they said it would be up within two hours.

Called again and the recording (‘they’ had disappeared by this time) said in four hours.

Called again, the new recording assures me they are working on it, they know about the problem, and please hang up if that’s all you’re calling about because there is nothing else they can do for me.


So, I ran laundry, folded it, and put it away.

I vacuumed even though I had vacuumed just a short while ago.

I emptied the dishwasher.

I filled the dishwasher.

Ran more laundry – all the clothes I could find anywhere in the house.

I saved files to a CD for someone.

I reorganized my shoes.

I cleaned old files off my hard drive.

I charged all my electronic devices.

I packed my bag for the coming weekend trip.

I threw toys for the kitties.

I started a new knitting project.

I wound balls of yarn for the coming weekend class.

I organized the craft room.

I had a bowl of soup even though I wasn’t hungry.

I flipped through knitting patterns for new ideas.

*sigh* still no service and I can’t even watch TV!

This sucks on so many levels. If I don’t have Internet service, I don’t work, and therefore I don’t earn money. If there was some sort of guarantee – something beyond they will refund today’s charges (nice, but that doesn’t help me!) – then I might feel better about it. As it is, I don’t.

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  1. October 2, 2011

    Oh, I hear you loud and clear. We live in the land of satellite internet and if it’s cloudy or precipitating, that usually means no internet. In addition, we have crazy usage rules that can lead to unpredictable outages. Not cool. Our world is way too dependent on internet to have to go without it!

  2. October 2, 2011

    This just goes to show…..a clean house is a sign of a broken computer!

    Melina from THe Wilder Coast

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