Visiting the Taos Wool Festival

Last weekend, we – that is my knitting friends and I – drove down to New Mexico for the Taos Wool Festival. It was our first visit to this festival, but not our first visit to Taos. The drive was so beautiful. The leaves are turning here in Colorado and New Mexico.

Fall in Taos


The sunsets in New Mexico are legendary and we weren’t disappointed.

New Mexico sunset

There were little tiny goats.

Pygmy goats in Taos

And alpacas.

Alpacas in Taos

And Angora bunnies.

Angora bunny in Taos

And sheep of course!

Sheep in Taos

And shearing of the sheep

Sheep shearing in Taos

A funny story. When this guy was let back into the pen with the other sheep, the unshorn sheep were all baa-ing. When he/she got back in the pen, they immediately surrounded him/her and sniffing and cuddling. Honestly, the brown sheep felt a lot cooler after the shearing and everyone calmed down in just a minute, but it was so cute to see their concern.

The Taos Wool Festival was lovely. It’s smaller and outdoors, so the grass and the sunshine were perfect. There was plenty of room to walk around, but the tents themselves were small. There were a lot of people, but several tents set up for relaxing. This is where the guys went with their iPads and their newspapers and e-readers. They relaxed and had good food while their partners ran around and enjoyed the wool. There was music all the time and fun contests and it was relaxing and enjoyable. It was not crowded, but it was lively.

We stayed at the San Geronimo Lodge just outside Taos proper and I highly recommend it. Unique setting. Fabulous breakfast with live classical guitar and piano! There is a meditative walk around the property and this was the Patience bench, which I thought appropriate with respect to knitting where patience is required.

San Geronimo Lodge, Taos New Mexico

It’s Fall!

Fall in Taos New Mexico

There was knitting, of course, and because we were lucky enough to have our knitting teacher with us, we learned how to do two socks at a time from the toe up on one long circular needle. I’ve typically knit my socks two-at-a-time on double points, so this was a new technique for me and I definitely liked it.

These are my starter baby socks for practice.

Knitting socks in the car

It was an amazing, relaxing, and perfect weekend. Now, I just need a little time to cast on my next socks – adult size this time!

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  1. October 6, 2011

    I’m the Tourism Dir. for Taos, and we’d love to link to your photos/comments for our 2012 travel theme, Remarkable Women of Taos/Northern NM. Our weaving community/traditions are such a part of what makes NNM special, and the Wool Festival is so relaxing/fun, we’d like to share your information. Just email me either way – and thanks for visiting Taos and “getting us.” Cathy Connelly, Director, Public Affairs & Tourism, Town of Taos

  2. October 8, 2011

    Hi Cathy – you may absolutely share the photos and comments … let me know if you need original photos. The ones on the blog are re-sized. Virginia

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