Is the ability to travel light a metaphor for a light heart?

Last weekend, I traveled with three other women for a weekend get-away and I noticed something.  Now, these are amazing women – smart, resourceful, creative, lively, educated, resilient women – and as we each tossed a single small bag, followed by a single knitting bag into the vehicle, I thought, “damn, we travel light.”

Then I started to wonder, is the ability to travel light a metaphor for a light heart?

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been around the block (so to speak) a few times. We have all faced unique life situations, heartache, hardship, discomfort, agony, and fear at one time or another, and yet when I think of these women I know, I think of their sense of joy, their ability to solve any problem, their amazing way of keeping everything around them running smoothly.

In short, it’s not that each of us haven’t faced some really fierce and nasty dragons, it’s that the dragons were properly slain as was necessary and we’ve moved on from each struggle – stronger than we were before and with a lighter heart.

Years ago, when I traveled with younger women – women who carried a lot more stuff. Those women would take multiple large suitcases for a weekend trip. They would dither when making decisions. They didn’t know what they wanted. They would also take for friggin’ ever to get ready to leave our accommodations.

In short, they were less confident. Less secure.  Less mature.

As we age, the lessons we’re taught either make us smarter, more sure of ourselves, or they make us bitter and critical of the world. It can go either way you know, depending on how an individual faces adversity.

The women I know now are very secure, very smart, very sure of themselves … and they also happen to be very light packers. So, I wonder. When we bring less stuff, are we bringing more to the table? Do we simply need fewer props because we know who we are and what we have to offer the world?

I think so.


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