Our latest visitor (a raccoon) and an important message on living with wildlife

These pictures are a little blurry because I didn’t want to use a flash and scare the little guy off. He’s trying to sneak the peanuts we usually put out for the squirrels.

Raccoon on the porch

They are salted peanuts, however, and I don’t think he liked them all that much.

Raccoon on the porch

After that, he had to get a drink from the pond too.

Raccoon at the pond

Speaking of living with wildlife, I personally think it’s important to recognize that the animals have every right to be here too. Some folks say we’re intruding on ‘their’ space and they were here first. I don’t know about that so much as I think we’re all here sharing the same space and so we need to get along and be respectful of each other.

So many times each year, animals have to be destroyed because of encounters with humans. As thinking people, I believe it’s our job to protect them, if at all possible, from harm.

That being said, if your lucky enough to live in the mountains and/or with wildlife, please take a little time to learn about proper protocol. The Colorado Division of Wildlife has some good education on living with bears:


At that link, they also have information about living with coyotes too. By following good protocol and doing all you can, living with wildlife doesn’t have to be worrisome or dangerous. In fact, we realize we’re ridiculously lucky.

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