So, where have I been? New Orleans, baby!

After you get to a certain age, you already have all the things you want and if you’re a woman like most of the women I know, when you see something you want and you can afford it you buy it. After all, if you put it on a list – birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s day, whatever – you may get it or you may not.

True story: one time, I gave my guy a page torn from a magazine with a sticky note attached that read: Excellent Christmas present idea for me! I not only didn’t get the perfume, but when he unearthed the page from the chaos on his desk many months later, he asked me “Did you really want this?” Kinda takes the fun out of it, doesn’t it?

So for birthdays we don’t usually do presents – we give experiences or trips, stuff like that. My birthday is in July, but my present was a trip to New Orleans and it took some months of planning to get it on the schedule – in the much cooler month of October. In fact, it was comfortably chilly but the very week before they said it was well into the 90s for temperatures, so we chose wisely.

I loved New Orleans. I loved the old signs.

court of two sisters

And the balconies everywhere – many of them simply dripping with plants!

french quarter balconies

I love the history, like these signs that made me giggle … when New Orleans was owned by Spain, this street had a different name.

When New Orleans belonged to Spain

There were a lot of these signs. Kinda makes you wonder if they’re still bitter. One shop, which is now a pastry shop in the middle of our walking tour, had two separate entrances!

Ladies entrance

So strange. We rode this ferry boat – the Creole Queen.

the Creole Queen

Past the city at night.

New Orleans at night

and then back again

New Orleans bridge

Took a cemetery tour.

New Orleans cemetery tour

Took an excellent swamp tour – my first time in the bayou! with Captain Ted of Cajun Encounters. We saw an alligator and lots of turtles.

Cajun Encounters Swamp Tour

Note: If you take this tour, I highly recommend Captain Ted – he was very entertaining and had a lot of pride about where he’s from and excellent stories. Of course, he could have been pulling our leg, but he seemed genuine. I didn’t experience the other tour guides, but this guy was terrific.

The food is amazing, the people were fun and kind, and the courtyards in New Orleans are amazing too.

French quarter courtyard

Some of these are private, so be sure to ask before you open a gate and stroll into someone’s back yard. I also visited the Quarter Stitch – a yarn store right in the French Quarter – and I’ll post about that soon.

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  1. michelle parisi
    October 26, 2011

    Just wanted to let you both know, that is was nice meeting you on the Creole Queen. Hope the rest of you trip went well.

  2. October 28, 2011

    We enjoyed meeting you too. I hope you got to see the bear pictures – click the wildlife tab to see them. Take care!

  3. […] in the Hotel Monteleone bar, which is the first hotel I stayed at with Mr Man when he took me to New Orleans the first time. We love the vieux carre drink they have there, but it is not for the timid! We didn’t stay […]

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