More New Orleans

My guy had better bayou pictures than I did … it really looks like this.

Swamp tour

Do you recognize this tree? Reportedly, it was filmed in several movies.

Old tree of the Bayou

This is in front of the St. Louis Cathedral, which looked pretty flat and boring to me when compared to some of the cathedrals we’ve seen just about everywhere else.

Us in New Orleans

This is me very early one morning (note the wet hair) stuffing my face on beignets from Cafe du Monde. Seriously yummy!

cafe du monde

The rules of eating these beignets – don’t wear black, turn so you are not eating over your lap (standing works well, but you’ll have to lean forward). The powdered sugar and crumbs are gobbled up by the cute little birds that flit around everywhere. Fat little guys and very perky. Dipping your beignet into the coffee is perfectly acceptable and it dumps some of the sugar into the coffee at the same time.

This is the yarn I purchased from the Quarter Stitch in the French Quarter – they wrap it up like Mardi Gras! Can you believe they don’t have a website? I found them on Knitmap though.

Yarn from the Quarter Stitch

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