Kitties in the snow

This week we had a good pile of snow fall and it was so, so lovely to watch while I was warm inside and working away. The kitties, however, have been bored and you know what I find weird about having four-legged little ones in the house is you can’t tell them to go play, go find something to do, go fold laundry. Well, you can, but they just look at you like this.

huh, fold what?

So with the deck, the pond, and the yard looking like this:

snowy yard

and a lot of work to do, I needed to get the kitties to get out of my hair. So, I let them out on the upper deck to play. In the snow.

what's this stuff?

I think this is their first time with the stuff. It takes them a while to figure it out.

sniffing the snow

Max tries to inch along the melted portion until he runs out of dry spots and has to hop over the piles.

max in the snow

Then, he decided to clean his toes off instead.

max clearing the snow from his toes

Emily was much more brave and adventurous.

emily in the snow

That was really cool mama!

that was so cool

And in the end, I get what I need as well. Peace and quiet.

finally, peace and quiet

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