A new noble cowl to replace the first one

I knitted the Noble Cowl with Fiesta Ballet yarn awhile ago and I loved the cowl – loved the pattern, loved the yarn, loved how it fit – everything. It went to Sweden with me and kept me somewhat fashionable (for a girl who typically wears yoga pants with boots). My mother liked it so much, I shipped it to her and she took it to Italy. That is one well-traveled cowl. I told Mom to keep it and I’d knit another.

And so I did. Although, I think this one might be wider than the first and may require a pin. We’ll see.

So far, it’s been knitted.


noble cowl in fiesta ballet


Come to think of it, when I compare them in their baths, they look about the same size, so it might be just fine.

Now, it’s blocking.

noble cowl in fiesta ballet

And soon we shall see!

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