An exhausted hump day review with some finished objects

I have been so busy for the past few weeks, I have had no time to do anything but work, workout, eat, and sleep. Last weekend, I visited my niece and nephew as a getaway. Spending time with an almost 10-year old is the perfect remedy to exhaustion. They simply take over – they talk and plan and giggle and all I have to do is feed them and listen. Mr. Man stayed home and worked, worked on the house (new full-size cat door is installed), wore his grungy clothes and ate not-great, cheap pizza. Apparently he needed some time off as well.

I got a lovely picture over the weekend, which I’ll show you soon (it’s being framed).

In the meantime, I stayed up way into the night to get some damn knitting done.’ Remember the wavy scarf that ended up in the wrong color? Well, I used the skein in the wrong color to make a warm and toasty hat. I started knitting it here:

Extreme knitting

And now, it’s finished.

new hat

Yes, I’m as tired as I look and no, I haven’t had time to put makeup on, so keep your criticisms to yourself thank you.

This hat has been a complete joy. I put it on every morning as I head out to the gym and I’m toasty! I love it. I screwed up the decreases at the top, but hey, it’s mine and I love it. This is my favorite color too – deep, dark red.

Then, I stayed up late finishing this little kerchief:

hand knit kerchief

The edging turned out pretty nice:

hand knit kerchief

It’s for someone in my community who needs a little bright and cheerful something.

Next on the stay-up-late-and-work-my-fingers-to-the-bone list? Some red socks, which are both being knit on one needle. I’ll show you them soon.

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