A lesson on the value of pretty things

I have a little book given to me by a friend who has long since moved away and we’ve lost touch. It describes people who are a part of the astrological sign Leo – which is me. I love this little book and yet, I’ve never been able to find any more of them.

The sun and moon signs library Leo, by Julia and Derek Parker

Seriously, if you know where to find these books, please let me know!

One of the things about Leos, according to the book, is that we love pretty things. Last weekend, I picked up this gorgeous rock.

a lesson on pretty things

It sits at my desk and I light a little candle in it when I’m working. It glitters and sparkles and even though I have no shortage of life in this house (Max and Emily are plenty inside, the creatures are plenty outside), it’s nice to have that calming, warming, glowing effect.

In Diane Gibaldon’s Outlander series, the main character Claire Randall (née Beauchamp and then Frazier) isn’t interested in accumulating stuff (which is probably a good thing because when she time travels, she loses everything!). She doesn’t need to accumulate. I, on the other hand, love pretty things and I think they have value (at least for me). On the flip side, I am quite vigilant about bringing in only the things I dearly love and when things I don’t love appear, they are promptly sent to other places where they are more likely to be loved.

Some pretty things have a shelf life. My local grocery store had 20 of these on sale last week for just $6, so they are in vases all over the house.

roses have a shelf life

This used to be a pretty thing, but now the poor thing is sagging.

sagging pumpkin

So, now it gets recycled as deer food!

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