Thanksgiving preparation 2011

By now everyone’s probably sick of hearing about it, but I am so busy I have absolutely no time to do just about anything other than work. So, on the days leading to Thanksgiving, I decided to prepare one dish per day so that I could work the morning of Thanksgiving.

By 10 a.m. all the side dishes were lined up and ready to pop into the oven.

Thanksgiving side dishes

Those are (in order front to farthest):

  1. Stuffing (nope, not homemade, but I add olive oil, a chopped onion, a bunch of chopped celery)
  2. Green beans (just a little olive oil and salt)
  3. Mashed sweet potatoes (no sugar – who would put sugar in mashed sweet potatoes?)
  4. Regular ol’ mashed potatoes (red ones, with the skins on)

We were watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Thanksgiving day parade

… and waiting for the girls to arrive

Hand knit socks


Mr. Man was smoking the turkey. Mom says she’s never had one smoked, so I thought I’d show her what it looks like. First, he brines the turkey in a big bucket of salt water a couple days before Turkey day. Then, he gets the smoker going with hickory chips.

smoking the turkey


Then, we wrap it in aluminum foil and set it inside. It’s best if you can then place a guard cat on duty to watch it.

guard cat

Trust me, this is a crucial step.

Then, after the parade, I headed to the crawl space to start the Christmas decorating. I know, I know, “one holiday at a time!” but I have guests coming the week immediately following Thanksgiving and if I got the boxes out and got started, the girls could help me. Empty nesters have to take advantage of the arrival of their kids to put them to work. So, I did just that – the decorations on the inside of the house are all done (whew!). So as not to further mix the holidays, I’ll post on how that looks tomorrow.


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