Waste not, want not – what do you do with that leftover turkey?

What do you do with your leftover turkey? In the ‘old’ days, there was so little food to go around, people were crafty about making a turkey stretch, which of course gave rise to the grumblings about leftovers but why would I want to buy a sandwich for your lunch on Monday when all that lovely turkey salad is available?

I find that more than a tad silly and my mother taught me how to manage this problem (thanks mom!).

With just a touch of effort – really, just a touch! – that leftover turkey can make a number of delicious meals. On Thanksgiving Day, on those occasions when we are hosting that is, I always take the turkey carcass and put it in water and cook it down into a tasty broth. When the turkey has been brined and smoked, the flavor of the broth is delightfully robust.

Once the turkey has boiled for an hour or so (you can let it go longer if you like), I turn off the heat and let it cool. Then, I pour it through a strainer into the slow cooker pot. I remove the meat from the junk left in the strainer, put that in the slow cooker with the broth, and finally toss the rest away.

Now, I have a lovely base with which to make a soup.

  • Got some leftover vegetables? Toss them in the pot.
  • Got some leftover mashed potatoes (not the sweet ones, the regular ones)? Toss them in to thicken up the broth.
  • Got some leftover wine? Oh heck, that doesn’t happen. Never mind.

What could be more filling and comforting than a good bowl of soup?

As we sat down today to enjoy our hot soup for lunch, I wondered does everyone do this?

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