Oh baby, it’s cold outside as we decorate for Christmas this year

Actually, we did the inside decorating while the girls were here for Thanksgiving because it simply could not wait – I had a knitting Christmas party just after. So, today, in weather that looks like this:

Baby it's cold outside!

My guy is stringing lights on the outside of the house. Brrr!! I told him he was nuts and I’ve stayed in my office working away. Yes, I’m a wimp. I am looking forward to a nice, warm, workout at the Y later.

He has this guy for ‘help’ though:

Baby, it's cold outside

It will be lovely, I’m sure. He always does a great job – the human ‘he’, not the four-legged furry ‘he’, I mean.

The inside decorations are looking nice:

Christmas decorating


Christmas decorating

Yes, I have two trees, but this one the girls have nick-named the ‘dinky tree’ and it stays there all year long (minus the St. Nicholas at the top).

Christmas decorating

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