Yes you can make Christmas cookies with whole wheat flour!

I’ve been baking off and on for about a week now so that I have plenty of lovely little Christmas delights on hand. Now, I’m not the most confident baker in the world. In fact, baking is my least confident area of cookery. However, I’ve long been using King Arthur flour, and they have an unbleached white whole wheat flour that works so, so well.

I’ve always loved those white pecan cookies with the powdered sugar on top. You know the ones, I hope. They are tender, flaky and have a wonderful roasted pecan flavor. So I finally found a recipe I thought I would like and I tried them with this flour.

They are wonderful!

Sugared Pecan Balls

This picture doesn’t show the fully sugared ones – these were the half-hearted-I-am-getting-tired-now-cookies – but they are so good. They are also pretty darned light-colored, so if the color is putting you off, maybe get over it. These cookies have the right burst of buttery-pecan flavor and I’m so pleased with them.

I used this recipe from Real Simple:

I noticed a lot of crumbs at the end in the bottom of the bowl – those weren’t well incorporated into the crumbly dough, so I think next time I may try adding a tablespoon more of butter. As it was, I pressed those crumbs into the cookie balls you see in the picture.

P.S. I also didn’t do the turning halfway through in step 6. I didn’t notice a problem.


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