A Blue Butternut Scarf

I’ve had the Butternut Scarf pattern from KnitSpot in my pile for a long time now. Since claiming a room as my craft room and getting organized (eek!), I have discovered a number of patterns that I’d PAID MONEY FOR and NEVER KNIT.

We’ll all stop and shake our heads in dismay for a moment now.

OK, that’s enough, moving on.

So, I found this leftover skein of lovely String Theory hand dyed Bamboo Merino, which I think may be discontinued now (yes, actually I checked and it is). This stuff is so soft and lovely. It’s pretty darned thin too, so it’s the right weight for a softer lacy scarf.

So, this is the project I recently started.

Blue Butternut Scarf

We have some holiday driving time coming up, so I’m hoping this moves along quickly.

I also started some little fingerless gloves to keep my hands warm when I’m working. It’s amazing how cold a person gets when they hold still. When I’m running ’round the house, it’s not a problem, but sit still and I start to freeze.

Fingerless gloves

They don’t look like much, do they? Well, they will be soft and flexible. I’m knitting a gusset for the thumb and I’m going to knit the thumb a little longer than I used to. These are quick projects except I haven’t had a bit of knitting time lately. I haven’t even seen the craft room except to vacuum it. *sigh*

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