Baking is done, so done

I give up. I’m going to submit my name for the worst baker of the world award. I seriously have trouble with baking. I need to stick to the cookies that work for me because I just tried several batches with perfectly good recipes and they are not great cookies.


To heck with it. The chocolate cookies are so, so good. The pecan balls are fantastic, as is the fudge and bourbon balls, that’s going to be just fine. I’m a fantastic cook with all sorts of foods, just not baking. It will have to be enough.

I’m so done with baking this year and I’m glad I don’t have to bake again for a long time. Otherwise,

  • The house is (almost clean).
  • The rooms are ready.
  • Plenty of toilet paper in all bathrooms.
  • Fresh towels too.

I think we’re about ready for visitors.

Excuse me if I am quiet for a bit this week, will you?

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