Knitting an Entrelac Cap

I’ve knit entrelac before – back and forth. Not in the round. This time, I’m trying a entrelac cap in a now-discontinued pattern I snagged on one of our knitting getaways this year. It’s by Skacel and it’s labeled article #21100349. Actually, I don’t know that it’s discontinued, I am just suspecting that because I got it cheap from a knitting store that was closing it’s doors in Breckenridge. 🙁 That’s always sad, isn’t it?

entrelac cap

Anyway, I keep getting confused and had to take it to knitting club last night to figure out where I was in the pattern. Now, I’ve implemented the old safety stand-by: sticky notes to mark where I am in the pattern.

It’s working much better now.

The yarn is Fiesta Ballet, but I don’t remember the color.

Here’s hoping your Christmas knitting is coming along swimmingly!

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