Closing out the year – Happy Christmas everyone!

I’ve spent the last two days getting caught up, on e-mail, on work, on writing, and getting ready not only for Christmas but also for the new year. I got my new 2012 planner and transferred appointments.

new 2012 planner

The stockings are hung and stuffed (hey, there’s no illusion about Santa anymore, why wait?):

christmas stockings

Last week, it was cold but there wasn’t any real snow on the ground. The pond looked like this:

backyard pond

On Tuesday, it looked like this:

backyard pond

You can barely see the drinking rock or the water. And this guy is pigging out on the bird seed!

deer eating the bird seed


On Thursday morning, the pond was buried even further!

back yard pond buried in snow



It appears it will be a white Christmas in Colorado. As you head out to visit family and friends, be safe out there folks and have a very happy Christmas.

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