Am I the only one who gets nostalgic and sad when undecorating?

Mr. Man and I had a wonderful holiday and a really spectacular New Year’s Eve (are we supposed to use initial caps on that phrase ALL the time?). We went to mass, had a lovely dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, saw/listened to the local symphony, hit our local Irish bar for some excellent Celtic Rock and drove to the overlook of Garden of the Gods to watch the annual fireworks off Pikes Peak.

It was a perfect evening and we hadn’t done a night like that in a long time!

Today, we took down the Christmas decorations and I miss the. Yes, I know I wouldn’t appreciate them if they were up all year ’round, and yes, the house looks so much bigger and more open with all that fluffy stuff put away, but every damn year I get nostalgic putting the stuff away.

I wonder, what will have happened by the time I see these favorite things again next year? Will my girls be safe and happy? Will my family be healthy and doing well? What will transpire between now and the time I drag those decorations out again?


So much can happen in a year. Inevitably, there are good things that happen and struggles that must be endured and wow it’s so hard to keep up, isn’t it? If I tried to list all the good and icky things that happen in a single year, I’d be overwhelmed. It’s kind of a long time, don’t you think?

Well, for now the Christmas village is put away.

Christmas undecorating

The kitties have enjoyed another day of squishing themselves into boxes:

Emily helping

and crawling into bags to help us with the undecorating work:

Max helping with undecorating

I’ll see my little snowglobe next year (sniff!).

Packing up the snowglobe

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