Got heat? I do now, but wish me luck!

It’s cold in the winter in Colorado. If you never knew that before, now you know. It’s cold.

Another thing? Sitting still means you are not generating warmth.

And the last thing? Utilities are expensive and I’m not a millionaire.

So, cold weather + cheap = freezing fingers trying to type on the keyboard, kitties burrowing into any blanket or sweater available, and we all shiver. All. Day. Long. It’s ridiculous.

Mr. Man comes home and doesn’t take his coat off. In fact, he’s been known to eat dinner and/or breakfast with a hand-knit hat on his head.

Today, I gave in and bought a standing heater for my office.

standing space heater

I plugged it in, but before I turned it on, I adjusted the thermostat so that it stays even colder in the rest of the house during the day. Good grief, I stay in this one area all through the regular work hours, so my plan is that this should offset the power usage by this little heater. Good lord, I hope so!

Then, I turned it on and oh my goodness, what a difference!

These two haven’t left the office since I turned it on.

standing space heater

Max spent a good ten minutes rolling around in front of it. Now, Emmie-girl is back in her tower, which sits just above the oscillating heater.

lovin' the heat

I am so much more comfortable. My fingers aren’t so stiff and I don’t have to wear 4 layers of fleece.

This just might work.

I’ll let you know what it does to the utility bill. Please keep your fingers crossed for me.

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