Who knew cats could catch colds?

I’ve had the January I never predicted. You know how when you go back to work those early days of January and things are quiet until … well, until about today? I didn’t get that this year. It’s been 100% non stop work. Projects are pouring in on all directions.

Here’s another reason: Max got sick.

max got sick

He caught a cold. I didn’t even know kitties could catch colds, but his was epic. We’re talking sneezing fits, lots of snot, struggling to breathe, feeling like crap – the whole nine yards. Except, he’s a cat.

Cats don’t eat chicken soup.

Cats won’t tolerate Vicks vapo-rub or hot showers or lovely peppermint tea to help them breathe.

Cats don’t let blow their noses (except when they sneeze and I have the window sprays to prove it)

None of the remedies that would have worked in minutes on my kids could possibly work on this cat and boy was he miserable. They just want what any toddler would want: warmth and their mom. So, we kept him warm, wrapped in blankets and fet his medicine to him in tuna and put ice cubes in his water bowl to entice him to drink.

About a week later, he’s better.

max is better


max is better

I’m trying to sleep here.

max is better

and this morning, he’s doing his sexy buddha imitation

sexy buddha pose

He’s feeling good enough we can tease him now.

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