It’s been a rough week

I’ve worked non stop ┬ásince the year started and I’m ready for a day off and I’ll tell you why.

This week has been 100% nuts

  • Two separate vehicles have nearly driven me right off the road – one driver yakking on their cell phone, the other just stupid, I guess, but evasive maneuvers of the tricky kind were required to survive.
  • I switched eye doctors and the new office wanted me to fill out a pile of paperwork – all redundant information they could have easily obtained from my records which were already forwarded to them, so I refused nicely and pissed off one person, but hey it’s a waste of my time and I HATE MY TIME WASTED. I still got my eye checked and no trees were harmed in the process. Geez.
  • My next door neighbor, whom I never see, decided to barricade himself in his house with a gun. I came home from the eye doctor to a street and lawn filled with cops. Still no idea exactly what happened, but there’s been no sign of life over there since. They did get the guy out of the house and into jail for a breather. I’m hoping everyone recovers from whatever prompted such behavior.
  • I’m on my way to knitting club and see a large black cat having a conversation with a guy filling his gas tank at the 7-11. Kitty runs away and it’s clear the guy was trying to see if he was lost. So, of course, I turn around and go check on kitty. He’s big and well cared for and lost. He’s friendly too. I pick him up and he purrs and snuggles hard and we walk around trying to figure out where he lives. No idea. When I tried to put him in my truck, however, he yowled to high heaven and scratched the window. He was lost, but he knew he didn’t want to go with me. I believe animals make choices too and he wasn’t in any immediate danger, so I let him out and he worked his way down the alley looking for whatever he was looking for. I believe he’ll find his way home.

Then there is the really funny stuff that happened this week.

You know when a scary or tense situation is happening, there is often this side script, something occurring at the same time that is often unrelated and when viewed in juxtaposition with the scary or tense stuff, it’s really funny?

Maybe it’d just me, but this kind of thing happens to me all the time. It’s like there’s two movies that go on in my head sometimes – one right in front of me and that other B film happening over to the side.

While the police cars and cops in full riot gear were racing all around my street, two bucks were sitting calmly on the lawn across the street from my house. It was lunch and a show for them. Terribly interesting it was, but not serious enough for them to get up and leave, so they sat there watching it all.

I wanted a picture of this, but I was told to stay quietly in my house and avoid all the windows and I really believe in obeying the orders given to you by cops in full riot gear on your front lawn.


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  1. Kristin
    February 1, 2012

    Good grief! What a week, indeed. Hope things calm down a bit for you now.

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