Visiting The (new) Loopy Ewe

I got to visit the new store last week and it’s entirely lovely, tastefully decorated, full of friendly and happy elves and simply a delight. You must visit – this is where they are located and you can get directions from Sheri’s blog post, Grand Opening Saturday.

In fact, the kids (my niece and nephew) got to visit too because it was a snow day on Friday and they were out of school.

Visiting The Loopy Ewe

Sheri very kindly wound the yarn I had purchased, then stuffed into my knitting bag without winding it. Duh! That got knitted into a cable and rib hat over the weekend (so the winding effort wasn’t wasted, Sheri!).

one-day hat

I finished it on Sunday, but it was basically a one-day hat because I started around 11 a.m. on Saturday. I’ve never knit a hat so quickly, so I was a tiny bit astonished.

I did pick up some new yarns at The Loopy Ewe too, with my Christmas gift certificate and I’ll have to figure out what to knit with those, but I’m back near my stash so that’s always a good thing.

We also had frozen yogurt at Spooners and I thought I’d share what our choices looked like.

Spooners frozen yogurt

Mine is top and slightly to the left – a modest amount of chocolate and peanut butter yogurt with a dash of chocolate cookies and a smidgen of pound cake. The other two are monstrosities of craziness! I forgot how many flavors kids like to put together.

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