First Square of the Mitered Crosses Blanket

Some time ago, after the horrid double tragedy of the Japan earthquake and tsunami, Kay Gardner of the Mason-Dixon Knitting Blog made a blanket pattern that combined the technique of mitered stitches and the tradition of the log cabin quilt. You can read all about the Mitered Crosses Blanket (and the money they raised for relief efforts) on Ravelry.

My knitting group is doing this blanket and since I finished a few projects recently, I thought it was finally time for me to try it.

And voila! the first of my squares:

mitered crosses blanket square


* Note the one corner (lower-left) where I switched yarns on the wrong side. I’m leaving the error because like wrinkles, it’s a good reminder not to do that in the future.

I’m using Arucania Toconao (the red) and Eco Alpaca by Cascade as the background.

I started the second square last night, but I think I’ll get a second contrasting color. Perhaps navy blue or a dark grey and alternate the squares on the rows. We’ll see. It’s a rather large undertaking, but the nice thing is it’s just one square at a time.

One square at a time, that’s what I keep reminding myself when I think of the fact that this is going to be a BLANKET. Not a skinny scarf or a little hat. This is a big project.

Several people in the knitting group have bailed (so to speak): one is making theirs into a scarf, another put two squares together to make a project bag. We’ll see if I have the required endurance. Fingers crossed.

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