On the eve of Lent, otherwise known as Fat Tuesday

We’re not much into partying or staying out late – especially on work nights – so Fat Tuesday usually slides right by us. It will again tonight because Mr. Man will be studying and I have book group.

Side note: we read In the Garden of the Beasts and I despised it! Must look for one of those WordPress book ranking plug-ins so I can rant once in a while. Longest boring slog of an effort I’ve done in awhile. I usually don’t finish books if they don’t engage me (life’s too short), but this was for book club and I am one of those students who always shows up prepared, having read all the material, and with a complete set of notes. So, shoot me.

As kids everywhere are figuring out how to live without sweets for the next 40 days and adults are mourning their evening drinks,  I’ve decided to do something spiritual and healthy this Lenten season. Specifically, I’m going to work out every single day – combining prayer with fasting and physical effort to clear out the old junk and do a little renewal.

Dangit, I might finally lose this bit of extra weight around my middle.

I wish everyone out there a happy Fat Tuesday and I’ll blog a little about how it’s going.  40 days of workouts … wish me luck!


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