In the midst of chaos, knitting keeps me sane

Last week, I was seriously having trouble. I was hopelessly behind on projects, had a cranky client pushing me to put in “more hours, more hours!” (how is more hours really useful?), and really all I wanted to do was go into this room and straighten up:

Messy craft room


It’s a wreck in there, piles of projects and I won’t even show you the sewing table. I’ve gotten stopped on some quilting projects (these are very basic quilts, nothing fancy, just fun and warm) because I’m out of navy blue thread and I haven’t had a single minute to go an buy some. Hoping for this weekend, but we’ll see – it’s shaping up to be very busy.

Yesterday, we woke to piles and piles of snow on the ground. Later, I managed to take a photo or two – this guy is one of the two young bucks with one horn on their heads. I think the other broke off during one of their fights.

One-horn buck


I get EXTRA points for getting to the gym very early and in the dark. Thank goodness for four-wheel drive because there were accidents everywhere. Then again, that’s the reason for a lenten goal and I’m enjoying the challenge.

This week, I did manage to start a scarf using the Gothic Stole by Sivia Harding. I did another of these – stole sized – a long time ago in a lovely burgundy and I positioned the beads directly in the center of the heart pattern. Using my little chart from that effort, I am again placing the pink beads in this scarf, which should be light and airy and perfect for Spring.

gothic leaf scarf

Of course, Spring is a long way off (see snow photo above) and it’s very cold here still and it will be for awhile longer.

I also managed to work on a second square for my Mitered Crosses blanket:

Square 2

This one is looking a lot tighter on the edges … guess it just takes practice. I’m also getting a lot of mileage out of the yarn, which is nice. I think I may get three of the red crosses out of one ball of yarn which just might mean I have too much yarn. We’ll see.

This weekend is our anniversary – 13 years of marriage. Will post some fun photos when we get back.

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