Happy Anniversary Colorado Style

So, this weekend we celebrated our 13th anniversary, and of course we did it Colorado style. Our day started early with gaiters and hiking boots, warm hats and gloves … and ice!

anniversary colorado style

The snow over this thick sheet of ice was helpful, but we still crashed to the ice several times each.

sheets of ice on catamount trail

We were trying to do the Catamount trail outside Green Mountain Falls, but the trail was completely buried in snow and it was difficult to follow. Plus, there were huge sheets of ice hidden under the snow that would take us suddenly by surprise.

anniversary colorado style

Still, it was beautiful.

anniversary colorado style

That’s a waterfall running underneath the ice!

anniversary colorado style


We enjoyed simply being outside with each other for a time, which is really what anniversary celebrations are all about, right?

not catamount trail


And smiles, that’s what celebrations are about

not catamount trail

In the end, we ended up not doing the Catamount trail, which was marked by blue dots, and ended up doing the Thomas trail, which was marked by yellow dots.

We didn’t care though because we ended our evenings at The Cliffhouse (our absolute favorite in Colorado Springs) in a lovely suite with a fireplace and a big huge tub for long bubble baths while watching the television and eating chocolate cake – the decadence!

anniversary colorado style

It was a lovely, restful weekend with lots of romance and outdoor fun. Thanks honey!

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