Do you have one of those Knit Designers you Wish Would Stop Designing?

Just so I can catch up – that’s all I ask. I adore Ann Hanson’s knit designs – her website is – and her blog is really fun to read too. She gardens like a maniac, cooks, spins – just everything, but what she does a really great job with is designing knit patterns.

Lots of pattern writers do a poor job, let’s be honest, but Ann’s patterns are very well designed, organized and written. So everytime she comes up with a new one, I am hopeless against temptation and I click to buy it. The thing is, I know I’ll have a good time knitting the pattern because it’s so darned well written!

When her Aria Delicato, came out, I knew it was perfect for the Elsa Wool yarn I bought on our trip to the Taos Wool Festival last fall.

Aria Delicato in Elsa Wool

I wanted a light, lacy white scarf and this one should do nicely.

I now have THREE of her patterns picked out, yarn matched up and bagged.

Knitspot patterns and yarn


Emily says I have a lot of knitting to do.

Those patterns are Wussypillows and Rivolo – a pattern I’ve had for some time, but only just found the yarn to use – a 100% silk!

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